Onstail slippers use felt as a fabric due to its versatility and natural properties. Ecological and sustainable to produce, as a wool product, felt is also resilient to wear and tear. It’s breathes around your foot like a lung. Ensuring your feet are never too hot. And never too cold. The shaping process creates a form which will fit around your foot ensuring comfort and wearability.



Our slippers are a luxury you can feel comfortable in. This is a product you can trust will care for your feet. Crafted from a light high-strength felt our slippers are durable, light and ergonomic. Each pair of Onstail slippers are entirely unique. Each pair is shaped from a diverse and beautiful palette of pastel colours and, as you can see we make them in a range of styles. To ensure long life and slip resistance the soles are covered with a natural rubber latex. Our artisan chooses and blends colours to create designs which will truly be your own.

100% WOOL






Handcrafted in studio by the artisan Ramune Toleikyte [Ra-Mu-nee Toll-ee-Keytay]. Each pair is created through a careful and timeworn method using moisture, heat, rubbing and pressure becomes rigid surface. Ramune is a self taught master in felt and textile design and has a decade of experience with traditional and modern materials.







XO project – is a new creative stage of two artists. Basically, two artists, who are completely different in their approaches and forms of expressions, deciding to work together and combine their creative abilities.

Maximalists - ceramist, sculptor, representative of Mix & Media, nature lover, kitchen chef, antiques collector, treasure hunter, conceptualist and expressionist Xavier Jacques M, always characterised his unconventional approach to the world around him and unfettered creativity. His works are very colourful, full of expression and unfading sarcasm. This is a stark contrast to the Minimalist Textile designer & maker Ramune Toleikyte who is in her work cherishing delicate beauty, integrity of shapes and colours, appreciate elegance and practicality. According to the artists, - XO project is a new stage in both artists life, it is like two artists silent dialog. 

Canvas screen prints, paint works, are mixed with textile, hand felted material, stitching works, founded wood, plastic, metal, paper, glass and much more you can find in their combined works.

Fashion – is not only tendency but also the way of self – expression. In this significantly moving life it is difficult to find a minute to relax and enjoy the real colours of life, therefore artists are decided to take their works to the “streets” , this is like clothing accessory or simply a self expression and continuity of the artist. 

XO project by Xavier JacquesM and Ramune Toleikyte